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The Team Chef is cooking again

Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 10:01PM by Registered CommenterFitTechEric at VeloFit Revolution | CommentsPost a Comment

The past month-and-a-half has kicked my ass.  I don’t want to bore you all with tales of my insanely chaotic and dysfunctional personal life, but the net result amounted to all but four days of riding in the past month, and that includes stationary training. The tan lines are fading, my leg stubble is morphing in hair, and my gut has started to expand at an exponentially frightening pace (no thanks to my penchant for dark brown ales - more on that in a later post). At least I can take comfort in knowing I'm not the first to struggle with adding extra holiday padding to my midsection.


Anyway, I’m back at the keyboard and wanted to express my gratitude to all those who have stopped in to visit. I am truly amazed by the number of folks who have discovered TVM (The Virtual Musette) in such a short period of time. A very large part of this success can be attributed to the help extended by my fellow biking bloggers. Please visit their sites, as their fine work was the impetus for creating this blog.  Thanks to:

Peter from Bobke Strut

Chris from The Podium Café

Brian from The Road Bike

Bike Snob aka Bike Snob from Bike Snob NYC

Cosmo from Cyclocosm

Barry from Cycling Revealed

A special thanks to the following for providing a link to TVM on their sites:

Guy from le grimpeur

James aka Peloton Jim from Endless Cycle

Leonard aka Granny’s 30 from Triple Crankset

Best wishes to everyone in the New Year.   

Photo:  Der Kaiser, Jan Ullrich, at his chubby best (1998).

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